AquaTykes Swim School



AquaTykes offers proven survival skills training to enable your child to swim, float and swim in the event that he/she may fall in the water.  Through our hands on, one on one approach, your child is guided through a program that is personalized to his/her age appropriate level.  Few programs are willing to teach children under the age of three; typically if they do it’s just water acclimation.  AquaTykes offers swim instruction to children 6 months and up.

Every lesson for every child is individualized - one on one.  Children attend short private lessons (approximately 10 minutes) four days a week (Monday - Thursday) for as long as necessary to master the survival skills.  Typically new students require 5 to 6 weeks depending upon their age, temperament and personality.  We are looking for mastery for the survival skills to determine if the child has finished the program.  After private lessons the children are then able to enroll in our group maintenence lessons.  Children that enroll for their 2nd year, “refreshers”, typically require  2 - 4 weeks to refresh their skills, regain confidence and be ready to participate in group classes.

Tuition: $80 per week

Registration: $40 for one child/add $20 for second child

How to Enroll

Contact Cindy at with your desired location and a range of times that would work for your schedule, along with your child’s name and age.  If there are no available open time slots in the desired range, then Cindy will place you on the wait list and will contact you when she has a spot available.  She will provide you with an estimated start time/date so you will have an idea of when you can start.